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Doctoral School of Exact and Natural Sciences

Programme of studies

Programme of studies (LINK)

Studying at the Doctoral School of Exact and Natural Sciences (SDNSP) involves classes in the form of specialist monographic lectures, courses and practices aimed to improve the teaching skills of the doctoral students, as well as workshops, specialist seminars and two-day scientific symposia.

Some of the classes at the SDNSP are interdisciplinary. They are organized and conducted centrally by the SDNSP and are attended at the same time by doctoral students from all disciplines of the school.

The aim of interdisciplinary classes is to:

  • introduce the doctoral students to the latest distinguished scientific achievements in all disciplines within the school;
  • train the doctoral students in working time organizational skills;
  • train the doctoral students in the ability to present notions from their own discipline in a way that is accessible to non-specialists;
  • prepare the doctoral students for didactic work.

At SDNSP, some classes are of a specialist nature. They are organized and conducted within a given discipline and serve to increase the competences of a doctoral student in the area of his or her doctoral project.

The aim of the specialist classes is to:

  • develop professional skills/competences of doctoral students in the field of discipline and the area of their doctoral project;
  • train the doctoral students in the preparation of the grant applications;
  • train the doctoral students in the presentation of their own results in the form of oral presentations and posters;
  • train the doctoral students in the presentation of their own results in the form of scientific publications and the review of scientific papers of other authors.

An integral part of the education at the SDNSP is the conducting of an individual doctoral project in one of the disciplines included in the school, under the guidance of a supervisor selected by the doctoral student.

The graduates of the Doctoral School of Sciences and Natural Sciences acquire broad knowledge beyond the discipline in which they prepared their doctoral theses, and skills in conducting both scientific and didactic work. They also possess a highly specialized education gained under the supervision of distinguished scientists and they are prepared to undertake independent scientific and didactic work in universities and institutes both in Poland and abroad. We invite you to read the entire programme of studies adopted by the Senate.

For the four years of studies, each doctoral student receives a doctoral scholarship of PLN 2,371.70 in the first two years of studies (before the mid-term evaluation), and of PLN 3,653.70 in the following two years, after the mid-term evaluation. The studies are full-time studies.