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Doctoral School of Humanities


Recruitment 2021/2022 [UPDATE]

Added 2021-04-09

Notice! This post is updated regularly.  Announcements: • The Senate of the University of Warsaw adopted resolution on the rules of recruitment for Doctoral Schools at the University of Warsa ...

Masters’ School Seminar (14 April at 3 p.m.)

Added 2021-04-07

The next Masters' School Seminar will be held on April 14 (Masters’ School schedule), and will be hosted by prof. Alexis Lothian, Director of Graduate Studies in the Harriet Tubman Department ...

LERU Doctoral Summer School – results of the selection

Added 2021-03-31

Comittee consisting of Monika Rekowska (Director of the Doctoral Schools of Humanities), Marta Wojtkowska-Maksymik (member of The Council of the Doctoral Schools of Humanities), Maria Onyszkiewicz (PhD candidate, member of ...