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Interdisciplinary Doctoral School

Mid-term evaluation

Dear PhD candidates,

Below you will find information about the documents necessary for the mid-term evaluation in 2021:

Order of the Head of the Doctoral School concerning the date, place and manner of submitting the materials confirming the implementation of the Individual Research Plan, together with their specimens, for the purpose of conducting the Mid-term Evaluation [LINK in Polish]

Detailed rules for conducting the assessment are described in the MSD Regulations [LINK] in paragraphs 25-30.
The evaluation will be carried out in October and November 2021 by the Committees.

Composition of the Commission (in Polish): [LINK]

The evaluation committee carries out the assessment on the basis of the submitted documents (see below) and interviews with the doctoral student (par. 27 ust. 1).

Deadline for submitting documents:
– from 20 September to 30 September 2021

Method/place of submitting documents:
– signed documents should be sent via university e-mail to the address szkola.m@uw.edu.pl

Documents submitted by a PhD Candidate:
Report on the implementation of the Individual Research Plan with its attachments, signed by the PhD Candidate and his/her Supervisors: FILE
Questionnaire for the evaluation of cooperation with their Supervisors (one questionnaire for one Supervisor): FILE

Documents submitted by the supervisor (directly to the secretary’s office at the address szkola.m@uw.edu.pl):
Signed opinion on the PhD Candidate’s progress in the Individual Research Plan: FILE
Questionnaire for the evaluation of the cooperation with the PhD Candidate: FILE

please enter in the title of your e-mail message for the purposes of the mid-term evaluation: name and surname of the PhD candidate – documents for mid-term evaluation.