Interdisciplinary Doctoral School

Recruitment schedule 2020/2021

Recruitment to the Interdisciplinary Doctoral School will take place according to the following schedule:

1) registration in the Internet Recruitment of Candidates, referred to as “IRK”, submission of an application in the IRK for admission to the Interdisciplinary Doctoral School: 5 May – 28 June, 2020;

2) Recruitment procedure
a) 1st stage of the recruitment procedure: 1-12 July, 2020,
b) publication of the results of the 1 st stage of the recruitment procedure: 13 July 2020,
c) publication of the interview schedule (2nd stage): 13 July 2020,
d) 2nd stage of the recruitment procedure: 21 – 25 July 2020,
e) publication of the ranking list: 28 July 2020,
f) reception of documents from qualified candidates: 28 July – 18 September, 2020,
g) announcement of the list of persons admitted to the School: 21 September 2020.

More information: Rector’s resolution (in Polish)


Due to the epidemiological situation, the above schedule may be subject to change. The relevant information will be posted on the website and in IRK.

After consultations with the Rector, the headmaster of the School may arrange all interviews using online tools. Candidates will be informed of this decision 7 days before the interview date.

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