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Interdisciplinary Doctoral School


PE for doctoral students

Added 2022-08-30

In the name of the Physical Education and Sports Centre, we would like to invite all doctoral students to take advantage of 30 free tokens allowing them to register for ...

Individual Research Plan

Added 2022-08-24

According to the Law of July 20, 2018. Law on Higher Education and Science, Art. 202. 1. Doctoral students, in consultation with the doctoral student supervisor(s), shall draw up an ...

Mid-term evaluation 2022

Added 2022-07-04

Dear Doctoral students, Below you will find information about the documents necessary for the mid-term evaluation in 2022: Zarządzenie nr 11/2022 Dyrektora Międzydziedzinowej Szkoły Doktorskiej z dnia 10 lipca 2022 ...

Dormitories 2022

Added 2022-07-04

Dear Doctoral Students, On the BPM UW website you will find current information on applying for a place in UW student residences for the academic year 2022/23 (LINK - information ...

Online Admission System for Candidates from Ukraine

Added 2022-05-30

Great news! Online Admission System for Candidates from Ukraine is already launched! The system was created by UW and the Inter-University Computerisation Centre upon the initiative of The Conference of ...

Recruitment 2022/2023

Added 2022-02-07

Notice! This post is updated regularly. Announcements Announcement No. 66 of the Rector of the University of Warsaw dated 20. May 2021, on the uniform text of Resolution No. 17 ...