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Interdisciplinary Doctoral School



Added 2021-12-20

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year! Best wishes for prosperity, happiness, peace, good inspiration and success! Interdisciplinary Doctoral School (MSD)

Consultation with the Directors

Added 2021-11-03

Dear Phd Candidates, Subscriptions for director's consultation for PhD students will start soon. The first duty of Professor Paweł Stępień is scheduled for November 8, 2021 (Monday) from 5.30 pm ...

Supervisors – I year

Added 2021-10-26

First year PhD candidates should submit an application to the Director for the appointment of a supervisors together with declarations of persons ready to undertake supervisors care [FORM1] or an ...

Scientific Achievements od the Doctoral Student

Added 2021-10-13

The year 2021 in the Polish academic world is marked by intensive preparations for participation in the scientific evaluation of disciplines. The result that we will obtain as a University ...

For First Year PhD candidates

Added 2021-09-28

Dear First Year PhD candidates, Congratulations on becoming PhD candidates of the Doctoral School at the University of Warsaw! The inauguration of the academic year at the Interdisciplinary Doctoral School ...

I year courses

Added 2021-09-21

Dear PhD candidates, In the Winter semester of the Ist year, the following general university classes will be held for Interdisciplinary Doctoral School PhD candidates: ETHICS This course consists of ...

Annual Report

Added 2021-09-15

Dear PhD candidates, Below you will find information about the dates and method of submitting the annual report: Order of the Director of the Interdisciplinary Doctoral School at the University ...

Mid-term evaluation

Added 2021-09-12

Dear PhD candidates, Below you will find information about the documents necessary for the mid-term evaluation in 2021: Order of the Head of the Doctoral School concerning the date, place ...

QPE – 2nd round of recruitment

Added 2021-08-20

We would like to announce the second round of recruitment for the QPE programme within the Interdisciplinary Doctoral School for the academic year 2021/2022. Schedule of the Doctoral School enrolment ...