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Interdisciplinary Doctoral School

Individual Research Plan

According to the Law of July 20, 2018. Law on Higher Education and Science, Art. 202. 1. Doctoral students, in consultation with the doctoral student supervisor(s), shall draw up an Individual Research Plan including in particular a schedule for the preparation of the doctoral dissertation and they shall submit it to the entity operating the doctoral school within 12 months of the date of the commencement of education. If an assistant supervisor is appointed, the plan shall be presented after the provision of opinion by that supervisor. 

The Individual Research Plan (IPB) is an extremely important document in the study track of a doctoral student of a doctoral school, as it is the one that defines the framework, timetable and next steps on the way to obtaining a doctoral degree. The draft of the IPB is submitted to the Director for approval within a month from the date of its submission, i.e. 30 September of this year, with the recommendation that the IPB be submitted by 23 September of this year in order to verify that the submitted document is administratively correct and complete.

According to MSD Regulations § 22 pkt.4, the IPB draft is subject to approval by the Director within one month of its submission. Before approving the IPB draft, the Director may consult with the expert panel referred to in § 21. The MSD Director approves the IPB by 31 October of a current year.

Due to the nature of MSD, we encourage you to submit a trial IPB for earlier (by June 15 this year) expert review, which will significantly affect the quality of the document. Experts have one month to give a descriptive opinion on the IPB, which is submitted to the doctoral student. The opinion can be positive, without suggestions, with suggested changes or indicating necessary changes to the IPB.

Doctoral students who submitted the IPB for expert evaluation are obliged to send to the school’s secretariat (szkola.m@uw.edu.pl) by 30 September either the IPB revised after consultation (if the expert suggested amendments and the doctoral student together with his/her supervisors acknowledged them and made them) or e-mail information that the IPB submitted in June is a binding document and will be subject to future evaluation by the Midterm Evaluation Committee.

According to MSD Regulations § 22 pkt 5 The Director may ask the doctoral student to revise, in consultation with the supervisor(s), the draft IPB and resubmit it for approval. Indications for improvement of the draft IPB shall be formulated by the Director and delivered to the doctoral student in writing or via EUM.
The doctoral student is obliged to submit the revised IPB with the approval of the supervisors within one month from the date of delivery of the indications referred to in paragraph 5.

Important recommendations for IPB submission:

  • Each IPB must be accepted and signed by the supervisors (even when the doctoral student submits an earlier version for expert evaluation).
  • The schedule in the IPB does not have to be detailed. The exception is the date of submission of the doctoral dissertation, which must be a daily date (day-month-year) and cannot be later than the date of completion of the doctoral program (30 September, four years after the start of study).
  • In connection with cooperation with two supervisors, it is possible to submit the IPB in the form where the last page (with signatures) will be in three variants – each with a separate signature of the doctoral student and supervisors. There is no obligation to submit the IPB with all signatures on one sheet.
  • The document must be sent in the form of a one single file, i.e., the doctoral student is obliged to combine the documents signed by the supervisors into a single file.
  • When you send IPB in the form of a scan, we ask that you write: IPB – name of doctoral student in the title of the email to the address of the school (szkola.m@uw.edu.pl) where the documents are submitted.
  • The pasted signature scan is not valid. You can send a scanned document, or a document electronically signed with a qualified signature.

NOTE: According to MSD Regulations § 22 pkt 7. Failure to submit the draft IPB within the time limit referred to in section 1, failure by the Director to approve the draft IPB or failure to submit a revised IPB in accordance with section 6 may result in removal from the list of doctoral students.

NOTE: Submission of the IPB is independent of the settlement of the academic year.

Individual Research Plan (IPB) – FILE.doc