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Interdisciplinary Doctoral School

FitProfit and FitSport sports cards


The agreement with Fitprofit has been extended and prices have not changed.  Employees and doctoral students of the University of Warsaw can order sports cards for themselves and their their family members.

You will receive the price list after the enquiry sent to: karty_uw@vanitystyle.pl.

Details available her [in Polish] : https://www.uw.edu.pl/karty-sportowo-rekreacyjne-dla-pracownikow-i-doktorantow-uw/

Dear PhD Candidates,

From now on, you can order FitProfit and FitSport sports cards at your chosen individual address (e.g. home). It will not be necessary to collect the cards from Warsaw University units.

More information (in Polish): LINK

Since March 2021. Employees and PhD candidates of the University of Warsaw can benefit from FitProfit and FitSport sports cards.

More information via email karty_uw@vanitystyle.pl